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Hope you are safe and healthy! Here is our February 2021 Newsletter.

Wow! What a year 2020 was, unforgettable. When it started, we had no idea of the journey that lay ahead — which is something that you can always say, but for 2020 it turned out to be truer than ever. Various organizations around the globe were faced with challenges that pushed their creativity and resilience to the limits. We faced a global economic crisis, and a public reckoning with racism in the United States. We all need to focus on getting the momentum back in 2021 and focus on learning the lessons of 2020 in 2021.

Bringing the Lessons of 2020 into 2021

Negative impacts to drive success

You may feel at times that you have been working hard that no one actually values. Know that you are not the only one who is feeling this way. But does that mean you cannot overcome this negative energy? You can. Every individual and business has faced negative impacts in different ways in the past year. You must believe that you can do and ultimately leads towards success with Positive mindset.

Unlock Your Authentic Self

Very few of us feel comfortable being our authentic self because we don’t see ourselves as remarkable and achievable. You need to understand that your authentic self is more than enough than looking perfect. To form authentic relationships we must distinguish between types of people. This allows us to know what to expect from each person in our life and interact with them in a friendly manner.

Don’t Forget Humanity

2021 will be the year of “humanity”—and that companies must go deeper than offering superficial support in this time of deep pain. Now more than ever, candidates are increasingly interested in who a company is, what they stand for and how they’re supporting employees and customers. 

Upskilling will help companies

Even though there are millions who are unemployed, we still have a skills gap for a highly skilled workforce –  In fact, Staffing agencies have been leading the way in which there’s an opportunity to upskill candidates, helping to change candidates lives with significant career and growth opportunities.

Company Updates

Pragna had a great start to 2021. We started new year with a big bang and loads of excitement and energy.
  • Started a new project in sales prospecting for a real estate client.
  • Added a new resource to our talent acquisition team.
  • Started new line of services for start-ups.
  • Logo and website launch scheduled for February.

Blogs of the Month

It can be a challenging job to reduce the cost of hiring while recruiting high volume talents. Here are a few tips and tricks every hiring manager can utilize to increase their efficiency to reduce cost per hire and also save some time and effort.

We all expect much more than a paycheck from our jobs. If you have been waiting for a change in the situation at your job, you must re-evaluate with these possible red flags to determine whether you are stuck in a dead-end job and plan to chalk your way out of it.

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